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Dayadhvam's Journal
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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
3:57 pm
Clear your Calendars for Feb 24
Beerfest is coming. I know I'll be going, along with a couple friends who've already expressed interest. Anyone else want to come?

Sunday, January 14th, 2007
7:14 am
My first night as a dj
I just finished my first shift as a DJ for WVFS (V89) here in Tallahassee Florida. Even though it lasted from 2am-6am, it flew by. This was kind of a training shift, even though I was on the air the whole time. I've got one more "training" shift next Friday night, and after that, my regular show is going to be Friday night (Saturday Morning) from 2am-6am.

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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
10:45 am
From my family to yours...
...Happy Chanukah!

Thursday, December 14th, 2006
4:56 pm
A cousin of mine were talking about quirks/odd traditions/etc. today, and she asked me what mine were. It's really weird to sit down and think about one's own quirks... especially since you don't even recognize some of them. So, here are some of mine (with input from my friends). Can you guys think of anything else?

I can't stand wallets, they feel all lumpy when you sit on them. It's money clip all the way for me.

When I smoke, I compulsively blow smoke rings. More than half the time, that's the only way I exhale.

I used to drive across the Suwannee River 4-6 times a month. Every time I drove over the bridge, no matter what I was doing (listening to music, having a conversation with a friend in the car, talking on the phone), I'd whistle the first line from "Old Folks at Home" (Suwannee River).

I like to pop my right wrist by rolling it over and over again.

Whenever I break up with a girl (or am broken up with--except for one, exceptionally rough occasion), I play "We Are The Champions" and sing along with reckless abandon.

In my family, the phrases "damn skippy" and "there you go" always go together. When one person says one, someone else has to say the other. Therefor, whenever I hear someone say "damn skippy" or "there you go," I always follow with the other part. It confuses people.

When drinking a soda from a can, I never open it all the way. I crack the top, then suck the soda out.

I say "awesome" when things are decidedly NOT awesome. When I do this to people I don't know, they always get a weird look on their faces, and retell the story ("no dude, he DIED").

Before any kind of competition/tournament/big test, I never eat anything.

According to my friends:

Whenever I want to say something weighty/serious, I always sigh (just breath, no tone) first, then wait for someone to ask me about it.

Whenever I'm approaching someone from a distance, I always stand really tall and straight, usually with my hands in my pockets, and have "the calmest look" on my face. "Totally businesslike."
Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
1:08 am
Elections Endorsements
After hours of research, here are the candidates I endorse for the election tomorrow. Let me preface this by stating that I am a social progressive and am fiscally moderate. I am a registered Democrat, so this is what my ballot like:

Governor: Jim Davis
This was a difficult choice, as Rod Smith and Jim Davis have almost identical platforms. Both are for creating paper trails for ballots, reduction of the role of the FCAT, and environmental protection. The slight edge goes to Smith on charisma, but Jim Davis is more people-accessible and seems to be a better person. Smith accepted over a million dollars from the sugar industry (one of the biggest opponents of Everglades protection). Additionally, a friend of mine who worked as an attorney with Smith in Gainesville gave me some insight. He informed me that Rod Smith was fairly inaccessible to common individuals, and was much more receptive to individuals and groups with more money and power. Honestly, I think either would do a good job, but this election reminds me a good deal of the 2002 gubernatorial elections. I felt Janet Reno was perhaps a better person than McBride, but I thought McBride was more charismatic and more "electable." Of course, that election ended poorly.

Mayor: Kim O'Connor
I am extremely displeased with John Marks' job as Mayor, so I knew I would not be voting for him. It was difficult to find any information on Larry Hendricks--in fact, the only information I found was a conservative blog endorsing him. Kimberly O'Connor is strongly against the decision for a coal power plant in Tallahassee, whereas Marks is not. She is also a social progressive.

Attorney General: Walter Campbell
Campbell's opponent, Merrilee Ehrlich, supports Campbell. She actually registered against Campbell because she thought a primary would be good for Campbell. So...no real choice here.

County Commissioner, Group 2: Cliff Thaell
He's done a great job as commissioner and should be re-elected. It was difficult to find information about John Griffin, but he is a registered Republican.

County Commissioner, District 5: Patrick Detscher
Rackleff is not a bad commissioner, but I was displeased when he voted for the coal plant, especially when he prides himself on environmentalism and taking principled stands. Further, from an article about Detscher:
"As the only candidate in the District with an energy plan, he is pro-environment and has a plan to bring solar power into a local school as part of a pilot project that will hopefully lead to widespread use of solar power in Leon County schools. He is also looking to negotiate with a new Wal-Mart that is coming to town to make sure it also uses solar power in its new design. Theoretically, this would then serve as a model for future Wal-Mart developments elsewhere and if Wal-Mart begins widely using solar panels, this could help drive down the costs of these panels, which are largely made in China, increasing their use across the country and the world. He is researching federal grants to improve access to health care for indigent residents in the county. Detscher opposes the new coal plant in Taylor County and wants to move the waste water sprayfield that is contributing to the environmental harm to one of Florida’s great treasures, Wakulla Springs."

City Commissioner, Seat 3: Brian Armstrong
A strong progressive who is against the coal power plant. A good alternative to Debbie Lightsey, who has not impressed with her record.

City Commissioner, Seat 5: Allan Katz
Both are good candidates, Katz gets a slight edge for coming out against the coal power plant.

Superintendent: Jackie Pons
Iris Wilson was a former assistant of Montford's and has expressed high interest in continuing Montford's policies. As principal of Kate Sullivan, she came across as a "politician" and did not develop good relations with her students (in the experience of my family members). Jackie Pons has worked as a teacher in middle and high schools all over Leon County and has been effective in previous positions.

County Judge, Seat 3: Lisa Raleigh
This was a hard choice. I eliminated Flury pretty quickly, but both Lisa Raleigh and John Newton are good candidates. There wasn't a whole lot of information available on either candidate, but they both have good records of service in the community and strong (ethical) legal backgrounds. I went with Raleigh because she was better at communicating her standpoint, even though I joked about not voting for Newton because he listed two of his hobbies as "sailing" and "car racing."
Sunday, June 25th, 2006
6:20 am
I just read Milan Kundera's Identity. It was wonderful and sad and thought provoking. This is the second Kundera book I've read... and the second I've read in one night. In that sense, Kundera is bad for me because I cannot put it down and it is very philosophically and emotionally taxing. In another sense, it is the most wonderful and amazing writing I have ever read.
Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
2:51 pm
What What
Jeopardy audition: Passed.

Depending on how many other people pass, I have about a 30-50% chance of being called in to be on the show.

I'll write a detailed account of how the audition went (without questions, they made me sign a non-disclosure) when I get back to Tallahassee Wednesday night.
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
8:00 am
I got done dirty*, yo.

So I'm back on the singles scene. Go tallahassee! or something. ;).

EDIT: There is some confusion here. "done dirty" means getting screwed over, not screwed.
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
7:36 pm
A week from tuesday, I have call-backs for Jeopardy auditions in Orlando.  So if anyone wants to do anything Monday night, let me know.
Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
2:49 pm
Milan Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" is the best book I have ever read.  Period.

I read the entire thing (minus the first twenty pages) last night.
Thursday, April 27th, 2006
1:52 am
Anyone in Tallahassee want a decent fold-out couch with a really comfy double mattress? Free to anyone who can take it (and I'll even help load it).
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
6:16 pm
You know what? Whatever.

It's not that big a deal.
Monday, April 10th, 2006
12:33 am
FINALLY, I have an intro for my senior research
Ive been working on the rest of the paper with the problem of not knowing how to work INTO it. I decided to go the anecdotal route. Tell me what you think:

When I was six years old, my favorite pastime--as with many children of my generation--was to stay up late with my father and watch television. Our usual tradition was to stay up on Saturdays for Saturday Night Live, which I, probably mimicking my father, found hilarious, and watch Monday Night Football every time the Cowboys or the 49ers were playing. It was during a 49ers game that we saw a commercial for a two-part, made-for-tv movie based on Stephen King's novel, It.

“That movie would make you wet your pants, boy,” whistled my dad. The previews looked frightening enough, but come on, it was a story about a clown eating the children of a small town, how scary could it really be? Of course, for a boy my age, my dad's proclamation could only elicit one response. I had four days to beg and plead my way onto the couch for Friday's premier. My mother was against it, but I quickly won my dad over and by the Friday evening, we had worn her down.

“You'll regret it,” she told me.

And I did.

My Fruit-of-the-Looms may have escaped unharmed from the two-night onslaught of the maniacal clown portrayed so expertly by Tim Curry, but my mind did not. I was afraid to sleep with the lights off. I was afraid to flush the toilet. Remembering a particularly frightening scene where Pennywise the Clown surprised one of the characters by stretching open a shower drain, I refused to take showers and had to be coaxed into taking baths. Even then, I was afraid to let the bath water empty completely out of the bathtub with me still inside.

Make no bones about it, that clown was as stereotypically monstrous as one could get. Although he usually took the appearance as a human clown, in various scenes he transformed into werewolves, giant spiders, and creatures that looked human, but had long claws and sharp teeth. I was a little boy, and Pennywise was my monster. Stephen King's It was the defining fear of my developmental years.

I grew up, though, and so did Stephen King's monsters.

In King's newest work, Cell, (give summary)

Here's the trick, though. As the novel progresses, the humans who were transformed into “zombies” by the cell-phone message actually evolve. To further complicate things, the unchanged humans tend to devolve as a species and begin to rely more and more on their baser, more animalistic instincts.

By invoking Nietzsche, Heidegger, Descartes, and modern teratoligists, I believe we can eventually reason ourselves into the position that, by the end of the book, the “monsters” have become human—if, indeed, they haven't been all along—and the “humans” have become the monsters.
Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
4:54 pm
Seriously, Stetson, I hate you.
I water pipe burst over my closet last night, soaking all my clothes. The estimate from the cleaner's was 90 dollars, plus 340 to replace the clothes that couldn't be cleaned. There's also a pretty good chance that Steton's insurance won't cover this. So, I'm going to have to fight hard on that slight chance that I'll get anything. I'm also running on an hour of sleep.

I'm going to take a nap.

Also, Stetson is not getting a single dollar from me after I graduate.
Sunday, March 26th, 2006
10:47 pm
Hell yeah!
Oh shit.

I just had a mo-fuckin' breakthrough on my senior research. All of the theoretical background just fell into place, I know all the major players I want to use for my theory (iffy on a couple minor ones), and I know what argument I'm going to make. I'll make an outline tomorrow. I've written about two pages of handwritten wild-man, hand-cant-keep-up-with-the-mind type notes, and made kind of a flo chart of arguments. So yes. I'm excited.
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
12:12 am
Top 5 Albums of All Time
My top 5 (7) are:

1. Guster - Lost and Gone Forever
2. Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Volume 2
3. Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway
4. Old 97s - Sattelite Rides
5. Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane over the Sea
6. Okkervil River - Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See
7. Elliott Smith - Either Or

These aren't my current top 5 (7), but if I had to pick any 5 (7) for that mythical desert island, these would be those.

So yeah, give one or more a listen.
Sunday, February 26th, 2006
8:36 pm
I am lacking...
...philosophical conversation. And it's making me grumpy. I'm back in DeLand, and it's DeLame.
Thursday, February 16th, 2006
2:01 pm
The worst part about having pneumonia is IM BORED OUT OF MY SKULL!!! RAGH!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
10:34 am
Bronchitis owns me. Hard. However, it is still Valentines day, and a very very happy one*.

*that may be the codine talking.
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
6:55 pm
Oh baby, I missed you
I got my iRiver back today. Several weeks and hours of phone time later. Thanks, Agent R, for picking it up for me and mailing it.

My music! It's back!

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